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Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in At Home Workouts | 11 comments

Spring into Shape Superset Workout

Hi friends! Guess what I have for you…..

A workout! Whooo hooo!

Spring Supersets


I got a little Pic Monkey happy when I was making this. Please don’t judge.

This workout went by pretty quick and my hamstrings are already sore, which is a feeling I’m currently welcoming. You could easily do this workout at home. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a bench for step ups. I did take a few more breaks than usual to make sure my heart rate didn’t get too high (doctor’s orders), but I tried to keep them to a minimum in between sets so the workout would also serve as some cardio.  You know what I haven’t missed this last month? Burpees. I thought about incorporating them into this workout and decided jump lunges sounded like more fun. You know an exercise is a doozy when jump lunges sound better.

I had a hot lunch date today with Dr. Berk.

Dr. Berk


Dr. Berk is the name of that beautiful sandwich. Today I drove to one of my favorite local sandwich shops and ordered my ‘usual’ which is a Dr. Berk with a cherry lime-made to drink on the side. Perfection. I have no clue who Dr. Berk is but if he’s half as awesome as his sandwich, his autograph would be one worth getting. Inside that pita you’ll find turkey, provolone cheese, banana peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, tabouli and some sort of Italian dressing that takes this sandwich from great to fan-freakin-tastic. Seriously – it is hard not to make noises when I eat this sandwich – What About Bob style (Please tell me someone gets that movie reference).

After lunch and 4 more hours of work, it was time to come home and give my puppies some love. Ob is excited to have her momma’s energy level back.

happy vizsla


After several rounds of fetch in the back yard we went on a 3 mile walk.

And now I’m waiting on Dave to come home from New York City. I’ve missed him this week…and I’ve been green with envy because New York City is one of my favorite places to be. Fingers crossed the next time he goes back, I’ll get to tag along too.

He is bringing home a ridiculous amount of baked goods from Momofukus, my favorite bakery of all time. Ever.  Sooo, I’m trying to wait up for him. I mean, I always try to wait up for him when he flies in…but I’m like really really trying tonight.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a funny sign that two different people texted me this week. My true friends know I don’t play games when it comes to cookies.

Dont touch my cookie


Tomorrow is Friday! Praise the Lord! I hope your work day goes by fast tomorrow…and if you don’t work, I hope I have your life one day. 🙂

P.S. Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. I ♥ you guys to pieces!



  1. I love that pic. And that you have your energy back. And that Dave is getting back tonight. And that you are getting some awesome treats too!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..My 1st Stitch FixMy Profile

  2. I wish my back yard looked like that. Mine is a muddy mess from the snow! Ugh. I love the workout!

  3. Best.Ecard.Ever.

    I look forward to the day when I can try this workout.
    I am limping around the house like an 80 year old today. 🙁
    Hate this.
    Amy recently posted..Freshly Pressed: Friday FavesMy Profile

  4. Do you think the day will ever come when I can cover it all in ONE comment and not need to add on? Prob not.

    This time it is legit….that link on my last comment is not to me? Weird? I typed my website wrong and it linked me right up to that. Kind of scary wordpress….someone could just accidently link to my blog. Hmmm.

    Carry on.
    Amy recently posted..To Fifi, my 4 year old.My Profile

  5. LOL i *just* finished my workout and I opened up my computer to eat breakfast and do a little blog reading and saw your workout post – i almost passed out haha my legs are so sore, just looking at that workout makes my hamstrings ache! haha (that said: i can’t wait to try it!) …so glad you’re getting your energy back! 🙂 happy almost friday wahoo!
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted..Can There Be Human Rights Without God?My Profile

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