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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Healthy Dishes | 3 comments

Steak Fajita Recipe

Hi, guys! I just wanted to pop in real quick and share the steak fajita recipe that was listed on our dinner menu for this week!

Steak Fajitas 21 Day Fix

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we added a ‘pin it’ feature to the blog so you can easily pin posts you like from Cupcakes n Crunches to your Pinterest page. I say ‘we’ but I really mean Dave. I don’t know how to do all that fancy blog stuff. Dave also added a feature on the right side of the blog where you can see my Instagram account. My Instagram is basically a shrine of Atlas and Andi, but if you’re into that sort of thing then follow along! 🙂

Anyways, here is the steak fajita recipe from the Fixate cookbook (the cookbook is meant to be paired with the 21 day fix program). I did not make the homemade salsa because I made 2 humans in the last 2 years and now I don’t have time for things like homemade salsa.

Steak Fajitas 21 Day Fix

In other news, the kids and I had a major flat tire on Tuesday!

Flat Tire

God protected us and provided help and Dave talked me through the situation even though we were in different states when it happened! It was bananas, but I’m so grateful we stayed safe through the ordeal. Still praising God for His hedge of protection around us!

After all that craziness, I decided today was meant for staying in pj’s all day and baking brownies before lunchtime. Atlas was obviously on board with that plan.

My Sous Chef

Winter is officially here and I’m not complaining since it is almost February, but getting everyone dressed in winter gear feels like a weeklong process. Not even joking – it takes us 40 minutes to get out the door just to walk the dogs. I have to get coats/mittens/hats/snowsuits on kids and dogs (Ob has to wear a coat or she refuses to move once she’s outside) so it is a serious to-do!

Sleeping Angel

But doesn’t Andi look adorable in all her winter gear? ♥ Like a little baby polar bear!

We are supposed to get hit with our first big snowstorm this weekend! I’m hoping we can take Atlas sledding. I think he’s going to go ballistic when he gets to play in the snow and I’m so excited to watch his reaction to a big snowfall!

Hope you all have a great weekend and it includes lots of brownies and no flat tires!


  1. Thanks for the recipe!!

    Enjoy that snow – we are in the heart of it, but my girl has a tummy bug!

    • Oh no, Jenn! I hope your little girl gets better soon!

      • Thank you!

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