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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Motherhood, pregnancy | 5 comments

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We finally announced that we are welcoming a baby GIRL into the world this summer!


I’m already dreaming of a beautiful trunk filled with dress up clothes, tea parties and easy bake ovens (OMG – I get to own another easy bake oven! Almost as exciting as the baby girl herself!). I cannot wait to see her little face in June. I can’t wait to see Atlas when he sees her for the first time since he loves babies (although he may not love her quite as much initially when he learns he must share with her). She already has Dave wrapped around her finger and she’s not even out of the womb yet. Dave is all, “Did you eat today? My baby girl needs to eat.” Pretty sure he’s referring to the fetus inside me when he says that because he’s never questioned my food intake before. And he’s already purchased a ridiculous amount of clothes for her. Yeah. You read that right. He’s buying all the pink things. It’s adorable. We pretty much can’t stop buying all the pink Kissy Kissy baby sleepers. Obsessed.


This pregnancy hasn’t been a walk in the park, but my heart is grateful that soon we will be “Andrews, party of 6.” Obviously, Ob & Marley get counted in that.

I’m back on bed rest temporarily so I can let some ligaments heal. Turns out, shoveling snow, running sprints, moving furniture and wrestling with dogs all while carrying a 30 pound baby boy aren’t the best activities for a pregnant chick. While some of the above is obviously a slight exaggeration for humor’s sake, I definitely overdid it on the activity the last several weeks and ended up in the hospital. Honestly, I never felt like my workouts were too strenuous (I always stopped when I felt ‘off’) but I think my daily life was just too active and strenuous (I never stop throwing Atlas in the air – as long as he’s giggling, I power through). Thankfully God stopped me in my tracks before I went into early labor. But, I’m confident (as are the doctors) that I will heal and be up and running again in no time if I rest now. Technically, I won’t be running until after this baby girl arrives because my ligaments can’t handle that but I’m hoping for lots of long walks once the weather turns better. The resting part is hard for me, but I’m so thankful we have help this go around. Our neighbor is watching Atlas until my mother in law arrives this week to help. I initially didn’t plan on adhering to the doctor’s prescription for temporary bed rest (because who has time for that?) but when I insinuated that temporary bed rest didn’t fit into my lifestyle she was quick to tell me that if I keep doing what I’m doing I won’t be able to carry this baby full term and if my pelvic bones separate any farther I won’t be able to walk until the baby comes. She obviously won that battle. And just to be sure my stubborn butt stayed in bed, God slapped me with a sinus infection 2 days later. Message received.

So, here we are. This obviously isn’t ideal but it isn’t nearly as traumatizing as HG was. And the fact that I know I only have to do this for a few weeks makes it bearable. I’ve been wearing a brace recommended by the doctor and it has already helped reduce the pain in my lower abdomen. We are hoping to go on a sunny vacation at the end of March so I’m determined to rest as much as possible now so we are able to travel! There’s a beach chair somewhere down south with this mama’s name all over it.

And while we are talking babies, here are some other {random} pregnancy related things:

  • I’m craving Krispy Kreme hot donuts. Like, I go to bed thinking about them and I wake up at 5am thinking about them. We don’t have Krispy Kreme up here though. I’m guessing that’s a good thing.
  • I’m also craving Bonefish’s Bang Bang shrimp, Publix subs, a Dr Berk from my favorite sandwich shop in Jacksonville and Outback’s cheese fries. Basically all things that cannot be found where I live. The cravings with this pregnancy are intense. Baby girl knows what she wants!
  • Dave went out in a snow storm the other day for ice cream. Only, the ice cream wasn’t for his pregnant wife. It was for him. I am almost having an aversion to ice cream. I don’t crave it like I used to. I want so badly to want it. I ordered $15 worth of ice cream last week and I can’t eat it. It is like once it gets in my freezer, it no longer appeals to me. But Dave? He ate a whole pint in 1 sitting this weekend. I was proud. It is like he is carrying the torch for me.
  • When I’m holding Atlas and the baby kicks he looks at me and says, “No, no” if he can feel it. He doesn’t like it.
  • I am finally starting a baby book for Atlas. It’s my bed rest project. Nothing like waiting 17 months to get on that. I’m doing it through Snapfish. I think. Unless you tell me a better idea.
  • Real pregnancy fear: I’m starting to worry I won’t love this baby like I love Atlas. I know I will. I know it. But I just can’t imagine it because Atlas seems to have taken up my entire heart. My heart will explode this summer. I’m sure of it. I just keep reminding myself that I’m my parents’ favorite and I’m the 3rd child, so obviously it is possible for me to love this next baby a whole lot. And if my sisters are reading this – I’m totally kidding. Mom and Dad have never actually said the words that I’m the favorite. 😉

Any nosey baby questions you have? Ask away. I’m not good at the baby updates because 1) this is my second child so I’m busy caring for the first and my life is a blur and 2) I have no idea what people really care to know.


  1. The words never had to be spoken! We would all say you’re the baby, aka favorite. It’s okay cause we all love you!!!!!❌⭕️❌⭕️ Hang in there! This party of parenting with two, moving into “man to man”, will be here before you know it & your heart will overflow with love for your little princess!!! I can’t wait!

  2. I am so glad you have helping hands to help you thru this tough time! I can’t imagine bed rest and I am so proud of you for doing it. Hang in there. HUGS!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Krusteaz Giveway Winner!My Profile

  3. C’mon now…Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s … I’m craving it everyday. Like everyday. Now. I should have gotten 5 pints for the 5 days I would not be around the store that carries it.

  4. I love how you are proud he’s holding the torch of ice cream eating for you. hahahahaha!

    We’re both having our 2nd kids, and both having girls this summer! And yeah, I have no idea how my heart will expand b/c I love Lily so much…..but my sister says it just does & you will. So there’s that.

    I’m sorry about the bed rest! But smart to do so when you’re overdoing it 😉 Hang in there, summer is almost here! xo
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Friday Favorites {3/13/15}My Profile

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