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Posted by on Jul 26, 2014 in Family Fun | 5 comments

Summer Highlights

I uploaded a bunch of photos to my computer today from my phone during Atlas’ nap. That only happens about twice a year (I’m referring to both the transferring of photos and Atlas napping). This summer has felt a little strained because we are in the process of searching for a bigger apartment that better fits our family – a task that is not easy in NYC (full post on this topic coming soon). However, today as I looked through photos I realized we’ve been very blessed with lots of happy memories over the last several weeks. It has been a darn good summer.

We’ve had an absolute blast in the parks.

park_funWhether we walk to Central Park or Riverside Park or catch a train down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, we enjoyed so much time outdoors this summer. I still miss having my own private yard, but the parks surrounding our city are truly unparalleled. They are also a great area to meet people.

I made a new friend while playing in the sandbox with Atlas one morning.

IMG_6147That’s right – that’s Tina Fey with her little girl playing in the same sandbox as Atlas. I took this photo like a creeper before going over to talk to her. We chatted for a while…so, I guess if you wanted to put a label on my relationship with Tina, you could say that we are BFFs.

When we aren’t creeping on celebrities in sandboxes, we are living it up at the Central Park Zoo.

IMG_6072The Central Park Zoo is tiny, but it is only $12 a ticket and I would pay $50 to see Atlas light up the way he does when he plays in the petting zoo. He also loves the sea lions and the penguins. Like, claps-his-hands-squeals-in-delight kind of love. It is so fun to watch him watch the animals. We frequent the CP Zoo a lot and it is always money well spent.

There’s no doubt about it – I miss our Florida pool, but the YMCA has an indoor pool and we’ve spent a good amount of time splashing around there this summer. *brace yourself – here comes a photo of me sporting a swim cap*

YMCA_FunIt isn’t as nice as an outdoor pool and they make you wear a swim cap (that was almost a deal breaker for this mama), but Atlas loves watching the other kids swim and it has been the perfect indoor activity on rainy days or days when it is just too hot to be outside. We love our local YMCA!

We also had some terrific company this summer. My mom and sister came to visit and that was such a special treat. My sister and I were able to hit up Physique 57 and Soul Cycle classes while Atlas played with my mom and I’m now my child’s second favorite person on the planet. My mom has taken the title of his “ultimate favorite.”

grammyHe fell madly in love with her. My mom stayed in NYC for 2 weeks and it did my soul good to hang out with her for that many days straight. We ate too many cookies, laughed, played with Atlas and made memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

Having my mom here also meant we had a free babysitter, so Dave & I got to go on a few dates.

Hot_DateWe went to a Yankee game, saw Aladdin on Broadway (a must see if you’re in the area), had dinner in Soho, enjoyed frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity and were reminded how great life as a duo can be. Being parents is wonderful and I love our family of 5 (Ob and Marley count as people), but I really enjoyed the time spent this summer with just my husband. It felt like we got to date again, which was refreshing.

And I couldn’t properly recap the highlights of this summer without giving a shout out to my other man, Michael Buble.

IMG_6379I saw him in concert at Madison Square Gardens with my mom and it was incredible. It was my 3rd time seeing him in concert and I think he gets better each time I see him. We had awesome seats and I’m hoping if he comes back to NYC next year my new BFF, Tina, will score us backstage passes (this is assuming she doesn’t read this post and slap me with a restraining order first since I’m pretty sure she only knows me as ‘the crazy chick from the sandbox’).

Like I said, this summer has definitely brought about a fair share of stress, but it is leaving a lot of happy memories for us too!

Tell me about your summer highlights! I follow some of you on Instagram and I want your lives. Some of you are travelin’ fools!


  1. Reading this post made me smile! First because you are focusing on the positive in a tough situation. You have a wonderful family and have a beautiful son that has had an amazing summer exploring all the fun places in New York. You were blessed with a beautiful boy. And I smiled when I was again reminded of the fun I had with him and y’all on my visit. One of the best trips I’ve had ever. I’m praying God blesses y’all with a larger place and possibly a small yard. Love your family and miss you all very much.

  2. Ack! I can’t believe you are now imaginary BFFs with Tina Fey! So funny that you met her. Did you pretend you didn’t know who she was? That’s what I would do. At least Atlas was wearing an FSU outfit at the time. Lol.

    Sorry to hear about the stress. I hope you guys find a place to live soon!
    Michelle recently posted..Volunteering at Second HarvestMy Profile

  3. I am so glad you are back to posting! I loved seeing your summer highlights Atlas is getting so big and seems so happy! it looks like you and your family are really taking advantage of the outdoors how fun! We have been enjoying the parks too, we are looking forward to a trip up to the Rhode Island beaches! 🙂 Good luck finding a new place!!
    Kelly @ The Fit Skool recently posted..Things I am loving this weekMy Profile

  4. So much awesomeness in this post. . . but first of all – swim caps required at the pool? craziness. and BFFs with Tina Fey- you are amazing. 🙂
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Weekend Update: 7/27/14My Profile

  5. I have MISSED YOU!!!! I love all the happy pictures of you guys 🙂 Atlas is such a cutie. Wow. Those cheeks!!

    My baby loves my mom too. It makes me a tad jealous & super happy at the same time. haha
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..CXWORX Release 15 ReviewMy Profile

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