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Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Motherhood | 4 comments

Surviving Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hi, friends! Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing day off work and you are soaking up these final days of summer.

I was MIA on the blog Friday because it was a rough day around here. Last week, I mentioned that Andi Rose had a cold that turned into an ear infection. A few days after she got her cold, Atlas came down with a cold too, so it was a tough week juggling 2 sick babies who needed a whole lot of extra love. Andi started an antibiotic last week for her ear infection, but with each day that passed she seemed to be getting worse and worse, not better. She wasn’t sleeping at night and she had a fever that was staying around 102 degrees. On Thursday her fever finally broke, but she still seemed miserable and that really concerned me. On Thursday night she couldn’t sleep and she was screaming like I had never heard her scream before (which is saying something because she had been screaming the previous 5 nights). Thankfully, I was able to get her back into the doctor Friday morning.

Sick Baby

Early Friday morning I sat in our rocking chair in our living room and soaked my prayer journal with my tears. I had been up with Andi Rose until midnight the night before and then up again with Atlas at 3am and I didn’t fall back asleep until 5am and was woken up shortly after by the sound of Andi Rose whimpering in her bed. I just felt utterly depleted from the lack of sleep and completely helpless as I tried to figure out what could be causing Andi’s suffering. For over a week, my days and nights had blurred together and with each day that passed my frustration grew and my hope diminished.

So, on Friday morning I just asked one thing of the Lord. I asked for answers. I told Him I couldn’t stay up all night without knowing what was causing my baby to scream. I needed an answer.

And that’s exactly what I got. The doctor looked in Andi’s mouth (because she had a bump that concerned me inside her mouth) and immediately goes, “Ohhh – this poor girl has hand foot and mouth disease. The inside of her mouth is covered in blisters.” I totally freaked because I didn’t know what hand foot and mouth disease was. Apparently it is super common, highly contagious, excruciatingly painful, but not that serious. The doctor said that Andi was definitely in a lot pain (duh), but there was nothing she could prescribe her because the virus just has to run its course (ugh). Andi had a few tiny red bumps on her feet and her hands, but nothing that stood out to me. The doctor told me to brace myself because there was a good chance Atlas would get it too, but Andi Rose should be on the upswing soon since she was already fever free.

And Atlas did get it. By Friday afternoon the inside of Atlas’ mouth was covered in blisters and he was sick, although he never seemed to get it quite as bad as Andi Rose. To be honest, the last several days are just a blur for me. Friday night was horrific. Saturday was atrocious and I had a major mom meltdown (the kind you pray your children never remember). It was ugly. Both kids were struggling Saturday and the lack of sleep plus hand foot and mouth disease had us all in a very low place.

On Saturday night I gave the kids this “magic mouthwash” that is just a concoction of a few different medicines, which was a ‘recipe’ I got from one of my Moms On Call books (love those books so much, btw). I then prayed that God would just grant us sleep, which to be transparent, felt ridiculous because this was like the 8th night in a row I had prayed for that. I told God I knew He could do it because he put Adam in a deep sleep when he took out his rib to make Eve and he provided shade for Elijah so he could rest during his time of need. I confessed how frail and fragile I felt because a huge physical need (rest) was not being met.

And then Saturday night Andi Rose fell asleep when I rocked her and she actually stayed asleep…through the night! And Atlas crawled in our bed and slept until the next morning. On Sunday I woke up and I felt like I was on top of the world after a full night’s sleep. We had Starbucks for breakfast, and while Atlas complained some about “boo boo’s” in his mouth, he remained upbeat and happy and playful all day long. Andi Rose was back to her cheerful self, eating her food and making us all giggle. We went for a walk, played baseball at the park, made homemade soup and ate ice cream cones and cupcakes on the porch. It was the best day we’ve had in a long time because everyone was happy and for the most part, healthy. We didn’t leave our neighborhood and we didn’t spend a dollar (well, besides the money we spent at Starbucks), but we were all so dang happy.

Happy Face

I think being so sick and sleep deprived the last week+ really helped put some things back into perspective for me. I was reminded how blessed we are to do things like go for walks and enjoy time on our front porch. Those are gifts from the Lord that I don’t always stop to thank Him for and they aren’t small gifts – they add up to be life changing gifts. I was reminded of the undeserved blessings that surround me each day.

Answered Prayer

So, that’s where we are now. I’m praying we just keep getting healthier and this week is a good one filled with so much good sleep (and all the mamas said “AMEN”). I’m so grateful for the holiday today and the extra time with Dave.

Adventures with Atlas

On an unrelated note: Nordstrom’s is having their 40% off end of summer clearance sale and some things are actually 50% off. I haven’t purchased anything for myself (I haven’t put on make-up in over a week – I’m currently a hot mess) but I did snag a few shirts for Dave (he was in desperate need of some new t-shirts – he has 25 million polo shirts, but so few t-shirts) & some clothes for the kids (I’m dying over this vest for Andi – we rarely spend over $20 on a single clothing item for her, but I couldn’t resist this vest at $31). A lot of Tucker + Tate stuff is on sale – I love this brand – especially for Atlas (like these pajamas). Check it out, if you love a good sale. I did get this shirt last year in 3 colors and they are closet staples for me – they are the perfect fall tops to wear with jeans and currently under $30 (the black and green are my favorite colors).

What was your holiday weekend like? Do you have any questions about hand foot and mouth disease I can answer for you? haha – Dave says, “I’m an expert now.” Funny, funny. 😒😂


  1. Oh my gosh poor babies! I read this yesterday morning and then I saw bumps on Annabelle later on. I’m thinking she has HFM. She’s had a fever all weekend. I’m really praying hard it’s not that (she’s also dealing with a cold) but this just breaks my heart! Hope you all are sleeping better these days.
    Heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted..Labor Day Weekend 2016My Profile

    • Oh no! I’m praying she is feeling better and it is not HFM! I know your mama heart is breaking – I was in the same boat ALL last week. It is so dang hard – on them and us!

  2. Ugh we had this not too long ago – NOT fun. Adults can get it really bad too! Glad everyone is on the mend!

    • The dr told me to brace myself because it can be easily spread to adults! 🙁 I would say hand, foot and mouth disease was the worst thing we’ve encountered thus far with our kids (as it compares to other illnesses, like colds and stomach bugs). It wasn’t the hardest thing we’ve been through with Atlas – it didn’t bring him down that much – but it was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I’ve walked through with Andi Rose. She just hurt so much. It was heartbreaking.

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