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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Ob, Sprinkles | 2 comments

Teacher’s Pet

Last week Ob began working with an in home personal dog trainer. Once a week, the trainer comes to my house and works one on one with Ob (and me).

Ob went through puppy obedience classes at Pet Smart when she was just a few months old and she did terrific! When I made the decision to get a dog, I assumed the puppy training phase would be a nightmare. I envisioned chewed up shoes, damaged furniture and potty stains. Fortunately, I was wrong and Ob was a breeze to train and there were very few casualties involved.

Ob is a wonderful dog. I never have to worry about her destroying my house or having accidents when I leave for work. She is a velcro-dog through and through and she never leaves my side when we’re together. Seriously – I can’t even pee alone (TMI). However, I wanted to go through this new training because I take Ob just about everywhere with me on the weekends and I need her to be better behaved in social situations. I want Ob to focus on me and my commands, despite distractions from a busy environment and that is exactly what we’re practicing during her training sessions. Ob loves being the center of attention, so I think her training sessions are quickly becoming her favorite part of the week. She’s come a long way from her first puppy obedience class at Pet Smart…

Doesn’t she look like an old man in that photo? Ob has many looks, all of which crack me up.

Surprisingly, I’ve learned just as much (if not more) than Ob during these recent training sessions. For example, I’ve learned:

  1. Ob has a better attention span than I do. If I could focus on 1 thing half as long as she can focus on a squirrel, I could probably invent something as great as the iPhone or the toaster oven.
  2. Chicken > Squirrel. There is nothing Ob won’t do for chicken. Chicken trumps squirrels.
  3. Dogs need to stop and ‘smell the roses.’ Allowing your dog to stop during their walk and smell their surroundings is actually more exhausting than walking them really far because their brain is in overload as a result of processing all the new scents.
  4. When Ob doesn’t know what to do, she resorts to trying to look as cute as possible. It works. Perhaps this also works for humans? I’m going to try this technique at work on Monday and report back.

It is almost Friday, friends! YAY! I have something really exciting on the books for this weekend, but we can talk about that tomorrow. Lights out for now!



  1. That pic of puppy Ob is so adorable!!!! And Abby doesn’t let me pee alone either- she thinks it is a good time for me to pet her! 🙂
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..6 months!My Profile

  2. I swear, Ob thinks the exact same thing – I can’t even take a bubble bath in peace. She brings me every single toy in the house and tries to drop it in the bath tub. I guess she thinks I need bath toys? haha

    Abby & Ob sound like they would be 2 peas in a pod! 🙂
    Ashley recently posted..Teacher’s Pet My Profile

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