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Posted by on Aug 9, 2013 in Family Fun, pregnancy | 0 comments

The Good Ole’ Days

Today marks day 5 in New York City and amidst all of the unpacking, house projects, cleaning and organizing we are already starting to settle into a routine.  However, as I lay down each night I’m becoming increasingly aware that the routine we are falling into is going to be short lived. My due date is quickly approaching and with each day I cross off my calendar, I can’t help but wonder “are these the good ole’ days?” As in, am I going to look back and miss this time of life, as chaotic as it seems right now? I’m pretty exhausted from the move and being so pregnant (I hear I better get used to being tired though) and I feel busier than ever, but as Dave and I navigate life in this crazy city together I can’t help but think I should stop and cherish the simple (and crazy) parts of our day. I’m so excited to meet our son and embrace the changes he will bring to our lives, but for the next 7(ish) weeks I’m determined to enjoy our ‘just us’ routine…just in case these are in fact, ‘the good ole’ days.’

Since we no longer have a yard, our mornings start with an hour walk through one of the parks. I’m still adjusting to walking out into the noisy city rather than the peace and quiet of my backyard. Nothing like the sound of horns honking to wake you right up!


This morning we strolled through Riverside Park…


It was drizzling and a bit humid, but I loved chatting with Dave about our plans for the weekend while taking in the beauty of our new surroundings.



Both Riverside Park and Central Park allow dogs off leash before 9am in the mornings, so Ob & Marley are loving being free to explore their new city. Today I enjoyed them having my undivided attention as they ran wild and played like the maniacs they are.







After our walk in the mornings, I pack Dave’s lunch while he showers and gets ready for his workday. Then, I fire up my computer where I spend the rest of the day working (I’m working from home for a few more weeks for my company). This is Ob’s least favorite part of the day…regardless of what city we’re living in.



This week I’ve taken my lunch break to work around the house while sipping on a smoothie.



There are 2 fabulous smoothie and juice bars within walking distance from our apartment and I’ve enjoyed grabbing them on the go this week! Perfect easy lunch!

Our evenings are spent with another long walk through 1 of the parks and this week we’ve had the luxury of doing ‘whatever we feel like’ for dinner…I’ve cooked (read: placed a pre-cooked meal in the oven)  2 nights and we’ve ordered in the others. We’ve eaten on the couch while talking, laughing and watching TV. We fall into bed around 11pm, and even though I’m so tired I can barley hold my eyes open, I’m enjoying the time spent making this place a home with Dave and the dogs.



I’m ready to meet our son…ready to kiss his cheeks and watch him grow…ready to rock him to sleep at night. But, if these are the good ole’ days -these days filled with house projects, baby kicks, long walks, and dinners on the couch-  I couldn’t be happier.

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