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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in At Home Workouts, Baby Atlas, Running | 10 comments

The Secret! And a Girl’s Night Out

I think I finally found the secret to getting Atlas to nap.

Whisky and Benadryl.

Totally kidding. My mom just read that somewhere and a loud, audible gasp escaped her mouth. Depending on what state you’re reading this from, you may have heard it.

*Fun fact: my mom is paranoid about Atlas getting his fingers slammed in this Pottery Barn chest we have in our living room. She has warned me no less than 10 times to watch him because he will smash his fingers in there. Keep in mind, Atlas doesn’t even know where his own nose is yet. Of course, she’s most likely right and Atlas will probably slam his fingers in the chest…but not for another 2 years. The best part? I’m just like her. Last night, Dave clipped Atlas’ fingernails and I warned him no less than 10 times not to clip his skin. The nut didn’t fall far from the tree.*

…and coming out of that rabbit hole…

Atlas napped like a champ yesterday and today in his crib and I think I discovered the secret! I shut the blinds in our bedroom when I put him down yesterday and today so the room was very dark. Typically when I put him down, I leave the shades up because I love natural light. I love a sleeping baby SO much more though, so for now the shades will stay down during nap time. Fingers crossed I cracked the code on the daytime napping thing. If not, perhaps we will give the whisky and Benadryl a try.

Since we last chatted, 2 exciting things have happened (besides Atlas napping –  although, I know you’re all over the moon about that).

This pretty girl and I went out for a run together last night…


Ob hasn’t missed a beat and was ready to go when I leashed her up. She pulled me the last 2 miles and was clearly annoyed that I wasn’t running faster. We tackled a little over 3 miles along the Hudson River and it was the perfect girl’s night out! I know it may sound silly to non-dog lovers out there, but I really enjoyed the alone time with Ob. I have missed running with that crazy pup.


We met the boys (Dave, Marley & Atlas) in the park after our run and walked another mile or so with them through the city before returning home to make dinner, bathe Atlas and relax together.

Then, today during that glorious nap time I completed an indoor circuit workout.

Falling Back into Fitness



Slowly but surely, I’m falling back into the whole fitness routine again. It felt so good to push myself last night and today. This workout left me sweaty and out of breath in no time at all. I wasn’t sure how long I would have before Atlas woke up so I tried to push myself and only stop for a few short recovery breaks.

2 sweat sessions in 2 days AND a napping baby? That makes for one happy mama!


  1. So happy that you and Ob were able to get out on a run! It looks beautiful. I am sure y’all are already doing an amazing job as parents. And you look great!!

    • Thanks so much, Kate! Can’t wait to read all about your wedding! You were a gorgeous bride – just stunning! 🙂

  2. You are rebounding like a champ!!! I always feel funny working out in my living room for some reason. During the summer I work out on the balcony and love it! The living room not so much, it has something to do with the carpet I think… NICE WORK.
    Megan recently posted..Holiday Gift Ideas For The Health Nut In Your LifeMy Profile

    • I totally agree with you about working out in the living room! I miss our Florida house where I could work out on the back porch. I had so much more room and I loved the fresh air. If I had my choice, I would definitely workout outside!

  3. You are clearly nailing it.
    (“Whoot whoot”, and an embarassing Mama Booty Shake dance happening over here for you.)
    It’s my jam.

    • Thanks, Kelly! It is from Lululemon. I just got it and it is great for cold weather runs! keeps my ears super warm!

  4. Wow! Way to go! I love the looks of that workout–nice & sweaty does it 🙂

    YAY for discovering the secret to the nap. My baby girl has no prob sleeping…and naps like a champ. But wHY does she have to part from 9 pm-11pm?!? I want to go to bed!!! hah.
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Fun Facts Friday {11/22}My Profile

  5. woo hoo!! Love that you got some workouts in and figured out the trick to nap time. 🙂 And I totally get what you mean about alone time with the pup – I love my alone time with Abby – even if it is just letting her ride along in the car – I think we both enjoy baby-free time once in a while. . .
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Friday Favorites: 11/22/13My Profile

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