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Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Family Fun, Fashion | 4 comments

The Things We Do for Our Babies…

Hey, friends! In just a few hours, we are hitting the road to go make all of Atlas’ dreams come true. Or at least 1 of his dreams.


(Andi Rose is obviously upset that we aren’t hitting the road to make all of her dreams come true. Andi Rose, your day will come sweetie…)

We are going to ride the Polar Express! Ya’ll – this trip has been an ordeal. Let me give you the {not-so} short story: Atlas is obsessed (OB.SESSED) with the Polar Express. It is, without a doubt, his favorite movie of all time. When we aren’t watching the Polar Express movie, we are singing the songs from the soundtrack. And this isn’t reserved for the month of December. Oh, no. We were jamming out to the Polar Express in July. At night when I ask Atlas what he’s going to dream about, he says the Polar Express. SO, when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas can you guess what he said?

If you guessed ‘a ride on the Polar Express’ then you would be correct.


So, after quite a bit of research I found a train station about 3 hours from our house that had a Polar Express ride that seemed legit and the time frame was on point for Andi Rose (Some of the train rides were super long, which wasn’t realistic for us due to Andi’s short attention span). We got our neighbors in on the fun and decided we would make a weekend trip out of it and all go ride the Polar Express together.

Unfortunately, every other family this side of the Mississippi planned to do the same because when we went to buy our tickets 2 weeks ago they were completely booked. Not a single seat left on that dang train. I was devastated and also sort of panicked because that is the one thing Atlas has been talking about doing for Christmas.

I lost sleep over it, ya’ll. Thankfully, Dave totally came through for us and saved the day. He got us tickets for today (because who rides the Polar Express on a Monday?!) and took off work to go with us. We are literally driving there today and driving back home as soon as its over so we are probably in for a late night, but gosh darn-it! My sweet boy is riding the Polar Express today!


The things we do for our babies, right? I sure hope this train ride is magical for him. I also sure hope the sight of Santa Clause on the train doesn’t cause him to have one of those meltdowns where people say, “Oh, you’ll laugh about that one day.” (He’s still unsure about ole’ St Nick.)

Atlas is at such a fun age and he makes our home such a bright place to be. I love him to pieces. Watching him get excited over something is the best and I am praying I get to see that sweet wonder and excitement in his eyes tonight on that train.

I’m not sure if Andi Rose will be diggin’ the Polar Express like Atlas, but she loves music so I’m crossing my fingers she will be happy to just dance her little heart out. She’s a real trooper and such a good little sister to Atlas.


So that’s what’s up in our world today. I’ll be sure to recap our trip to the North Pole on the blog. 😉


Outfit details: Similar vest // button up shirt (only $25)// similar navy pants (mine are old)// hunter boots 

Atlas & Andi’s vests are both by Janie & Jack. Andi’s boots are mini Melissa’s, but sold out.

Reindeer wall mount // Red doormat 

Oh, and the moral of today’s story is this: Book your Polar Express tickets in April if you want to ride it on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in December. 🚂



  1. This is so sweet! I hope it will exceed everyone’s expectations! Y’all are adorable in your vests and boots! Sweet family!

    • It’s all he can talk about today!

  2. I love that you guys did this – hope it was fun and that Atlas enjoyed every moment:) What an amazing family y’all are!!
    Kate @ Thirty On Tap recently posted..Talking Myself Into LifeMy Profile

    • You’re so sweet, Kate! Thank you! It was so much fun and Atlas was just in awe of the whole experience!

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