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Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Sprinkles | 6 comments

These are a Few of My Favorite (Beauty) Things

Let’s talk about girly things!

I’m a product junkie. Hair products. Lotions. Soaps. Make-up. I love playing with it all.

I’m also nosey. I like to know what products my mom/friends/sisters are using.

So, today I thought we could talk about some of our favorite beauty products.

This serves a couple of purposes.

1) For all you folks out there who don’t love babies (& I know you exist – I used to be 1 of your kind), you get a break from reading about Atlas.

2) Some of these items may make great Christmas gifts for your mom/sister/girlfriends.

3) I’m nosey and I want to know what products you love. Let’s swap info!

Now, I’m certainly no beauty expert and this is no beauty blog. My make-up routine takes about 2.5 minutes.  So, don’t go looking to me for beauty advice. I’m just a product junkie trying to look like Jennifer Aniston.


I’m probably most obsessed with soaps. I actually get excited when I’m almost out of shower gel because it means I get to pick out a new scent. Is that sad? New soap makes my day. It doesn’t take much.


I discovered Sabon after moving to NYC. It is just 1 block from our apartment and I was drawn into the store from the street because it smelled so divine. I took my mom there when she was visiting NYC because I inherited the ‘product junkie gene’ from her and she fell in love with the store.

The milky soap in the vanilla scent is in our kitchen and it is one of my favorite hand soaps. The product leaves my skin feeling soft and the scent stays on my hands for hours after I wash them. Amazing!

The shower oil in the musk scent is a must try too. I know ‘musk’ sounds like it wouldn’t smell good, but it smells incredibly clean and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized. Dave loves it too – so I would say this scent is pretty unisex.


Keeping with the scents theme, I’m also a big fan of the following perfumes. 


 Houbigant Paris – Quelques Fleurs L’Original: This perfume is pricey, but the floral fragrance stays on strong all day long.

Lovely: This perfume is cheap, but it is by Sarah Jessica Parker and she can do no wrong in my eyes. This is my go-to scent for casual days. I bought it the first time because it had SJP’s name on it, but I keep buying it because I love the smell and the price.

Bond No. 9 New York West Side: If you look closely, you can see a sample of this in the above photo. I don’t actually own a bottle of this because it is crazy expensive. I just have a ton of samples for special occasions. I used to work at Saks during college and I would go into work everyday and spritz something on from the Bond collection before my shift. I adore the entire line. Each scent is named after a part of NYC (i.e. Central Park, Union Square, etc). Now that we live on the Upper West Side of NYC, the West Side bottle almost feels sentimental…but I’m not nostalgic enough to pay full price, so I keep samples stocked up. I probably should be ashamed of this…but I’m not.


I’ve done my research on this one.



Good Lord…have I done my research. I’ve invested into a lot of lotion. But I seem to always gravitate back to these 2. They are my tried and true lotions.

Pure Fiji Body Lotion in Coconut: I first discovered this product in a spa in Hawaii years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The coconut scent is my favorite. You really can’t go wrong with anything from the Pure Fiji line…the salt scrub…the soap….buy it all! It smells like summer.

Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk: This stuff is the jam. It makes my skin feel silky and the scents are so fresh (hence the name). I’ve tried the Sweet Cream scent as well as the Backcountry Caramel scent and I adore both. Again…I don’t think you can go wrong with anything you purchase from this brand.


Oh buddy…have I invested into some hair products. I have a drawer crammed full to prove it. I could probably dedicate a whole post to this topic alone. And yet my hair is currently in a messy ponytail. The irony of this is not lost on me.


Out of all the products in my hair drawer though, these 2 products are the only ones that get used every single week.

L’Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Lift Extreme Mousse: I’ve been using this mousse for over a year and I love it. It smells fabulous and it gives my hair enough lift when it is straight so it isn’t flat to my head. It also doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, which is great because I don’t wash my hair everyday…especially now that I have a newborn…which brings me to my next product…

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Wild: Sometimes I go 3 or 4 days without washing my hair. *Don’t judge me.* This dry shampoo is my best friend. It is cheap. I get it at the drugstore. It smells great and it keeps my hair from sticking to my head. I also like that it sprays, as opposed to the powdered versions of dry shampoo. Win all around.




I am not sporting a lot of make up these days since becoming a new mom, but I do try to throw on some blush and mascara everyday.

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is the I go back and forth between this and Lancome’s Definicils mascara, but I think the Benefit’s mascara may be my favorite…I don’t know…I love them both….Don’t make me choose. Both make my eyelashes pop, which is great when it is the only piece of makeup I’m wearing…and let’s face it…I’m a new mom. I need all the help I can get.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite beauty things? Do share! 

P.S. I could also do an entire post on candles I love. Any other candle freaks out there interested in that?


  1. HAHA. I had to laugh about the whole ‘having tons of hair products but hair is in a ponytail’ thing. That is often me. Like why do I blow dry my hair when it is just going to go up in a ponytail to teach a fitness class or keep it away from the baby so she doesn’t spit up in it?! 😉

    I love a good face lotion–and have found one. It’s from doTERRA (an essential oil co) and I love it so so much.

    I also don’t’ wash my hair that often…and use baby powder to keep it from getting greasy. Oh yes.

    I LOVE candles!!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Sacrifice to Make Fitness a PriorityMy Profile

    • Girl – the spit up in this house is getting out of control! Not only do I keep my hair in a ponytail…I keep it in a high ponytail!

      I’m going to check out that face lotion! Living in the north is drying my face out – I didn’t have this problem in the humidity of Florida!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post! I just found your blog and I love the topic today! I am a “products” junkie as well, my husband ALWAYS makes fun of me because if I see it on a commercial I HAVE to have it! And I LOVE getting new soaps and lotions! I just discovered Meyers Hand Soap and got the “Pine” seasonal scent… it is delicious!! love it! Cant wait to read more!!
    Megs @ SoleRunner recently posted..Taking The StairsMy Profile

    • Omg – and now I’m on a mission to find that Pine scent! I’ve used Meyers soap before and liked it and I love seasonal scents! They make me feel nostalgic and happy!

  3. Yum, I want to try those lotions immediately! My cold-weather alligator skin has arrived and I am in desperate need of extra moisture. Also, I could talk all day about candles/warmers/car fresheners…

    • Since we just moved to the north, I am shocked at how dry my skin is up here! The cold weather is no joke! I’m going to be investing into face moisturizers this winter for sure!

      And I’ll put together a post on candles! I love things that make my home smell good and inviting!

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