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Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Serious Stuff | 5 comments

This One is for Gram

Growing up, I used to daydream about meeting my ‘Prince Charming.’ I would think about what my future husband would look like (spoiler alert: he is tall, dark and handsome), what wonderful qualities he would possess (he’s giving, compassionate, hardworking, kind and gentle), what silly quirks he would have (he loves golf clothing more than the actual game of golf), etc. I always hoped he would be one of those men who walked in the door from work happy and excited to see me (almost 5 years in and he still walks through the door and greets me with a kiss). I guess what I’m saying is, I gave Dave a lot of thought even before I met him.

For as much thought as I gave Dave growing up, I never thought about the woman who was molding and shaping the heart of my Prince Charming. Now that I’m older, married and knee-deep in babies I realize one of the biggest reasons I have the husband I do is because someone invested a lot into him. A lot of time. A lot of love. A lot of energy. A lot of prayers. That person for Dave is his grandmother, better known as Gram, and she is the Queen I have to thank for my Prince.

DSC_0994Gram is now under the care of hospice and it is through tears that I say she has seen healthier and happier days. So, last week we loaded up a suburban with more baby items than aisle 4 of Babies R Us and headed to Pennsylvania to spend some sweet time with Gram and introduce her to Andi Rose – her first great-granddaughter. It was a moment I prayed fervently for since I found out I was pregnant and I’m beyond grateful that the Lord was gracious enough to ensure my sweet baby girl got to be held in the arms of her Great-Gram. We spent 6 days loving on Gram and soaking up precious time with her before having to return to NY so Dave could get back to work.

I think Gram is this blog’s number 1 fan (okay, she may actually be the only fan). I always know Gram will not only read my latest post, but she will also send me an e-mail letting me know what part she loved the most. Gram’s e-mails were always something I looked forward to – I won’t find a better pen pal. Gram doesn’t have the energy to get on her computer now, but I still want to dedicate this post to her in hopes that one of her sweet visitors will read it to her.

So Gram, this one is for you. 

DSC_1006For the woman who loves sweets as much as I do. You even made sure there was a birthday cake, complete with candles, waiting for me during our April visit. Never mind my birthday was 3 weeks past.  You wouldn’t allow us to miss the celebration. 

For the woman who can’t say ‘no’ to giving our dogs table scraps. Marley particularly enjoyed sitting at your feet and partaking in your breakfast ritual before the sun could creep over the trees of Cook Forest and wake the rest of the house up. You share with everyone, even the dogs. 

For the woman who has more patience with Atlas than any other person I know. It never mattered how loud my baby boy got or how tired you were, you always delighted in my child. 

For the woman whose hands are weathered from decades of serving & whose shoulders have carried the weight of the world, some burdens were not even your own to bare. Your quiet strength is inspiring. 

Your life reminds me of a stone that was cast into a lake and created a giant ripple. I’m sure when you were having late night conversations with a young boy and guiding his life, you never imagined the ripple effect you were creating. But that’s exactly what you were doing. You were shaping the heart of the man who eventually captured mine and I’m forever indebted to you. You were showing him what love looks like in action and that’s what he implements in our home today for our children to see. His patience, compassion, work ethic & kindness can be traced back to you.

Matthew 5 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” When I think of a peacemaker, I think of you. I find this verse so fitting for you because not only are you a shining example of a peacemaker, but you’ve dedicated your life to your children and it only seems right that God return the favor and now call you a child of His.

Gram, there is a long list of people who are so thankful for you and the life you’ve lived and you can count me and my children in at the top of that list. I’m so grateful that you welcomed me into your family with open arms and loved me like one of your own.

I love you and I thank you. I pray one day there is a girl who marries my Atlas and she will be as grateful for me as I am for you. 



  1. So thankful I had the opportunity to meet sweet gram. She is all you stated, what a loving, caring, and giving woman. I loved her before I met her because of all the stories I’ve heard of her life. Thank you for sharing Ashley!

  2. Precious post! I’m crying like a baby!!! What a sweet & fitting tribute to a treasured Grams!!!

  3. As usual, your posts make me cry. What a moving tribute. Even I know how wonderful Gram is! Sending my love to you, Dave & Gram.

  4. This is such a beautiful post! My grandma was my number 1 blog fan too, and since she passed away about 7 months ago, blogging hasn’t felt the same knowing that she wouldn’t be there to comment anymore (in all caps, of course). Glad you got to spend some quality time with Gram <3
    Katie @ Run Now, Wine Later recently posted..Treat Yourself Tuesday – New York EditionMy Profile

  5. What a beautiful message. Thank you, Ashley. One of the things I miss now that I live in Florida is visiting Cook Forest and getting to spend a little time with Pat (Gram). I enjoyed having her as my sister-in-law and wish I could be there for her now. I pray for all of you that God will give you peace during this difficult time.

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