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Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Serious Stuff | 2 comments

This One’s for Big Dave

Early this morning we found out my husband’s uncle passed away. We were rushing to get Dave to the airport so he could catch an early flight to Pennsylvania in hopes of being with his uncle one last time, but unfortunately we were just too late. Dave is still in route to Pennsylvania to go be with his mom, but our hearts are broken that Dave didn’t have one last chance to say goodbye to his uncle – the man who he is named after and the man who he has always said was like a dad to him.

Uncle Dave was in a car accident years ago that left him paralyzed from the neck down, but for over a decade he beat all the odds and he proved that he could still be the life of the party, even from his wheelchair.

Uncle Dave

I’m so thankful for Uncle Dave and the investment he made into my husband and for how he welcomed me into his home and into his family. I’m so thankful that he got to meet our children and I’m so grateful that even though our hearts our hurting, he is no longer sitting in that wheelchair that he hated so much.


I hope you are climbing the highest mountains and hiking through the prettiest places now that you’re done with that wheelchair forever. I used to think Atlas got his dare devil genes from you, but it is becoming more apparent that Andi Rose is the one that likes to live life on the edge. I hope you’ll take on a new role as her guardian angel (she’s going to need all the help she can get). Cook forest won’t be the same without you and neither will our family. Thank you for the special part you played in raising the man who is now raising my children. I’m forever grateful. 

Give Gram a big hug for me. 

Love, Ashley


There was a special series of posts that were scheduled to publish this week on CnC that included some super fun giveaways, but in light of our family’s recent events I think I will postpone that series for a few days. The kids and I are in Florida (we’ve been on vacation) and we are trying to coordinate our travel plans to get back home without Dave so our schedule is a little out of sorts but I’ll try to pop back in this week, if possible. Thanks for your understanding, support and prayers.



  1. Oh gosh I’m so sorry for your family’s loss! Will be praying for your family!

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer. We really appreciate it!

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