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  1. Ashley, I am reading this at 4:00 a.m. being as I am unable to sleep. My heart is so heavy for the little boy who I watched grow up with his Gram, because I so hate to see him hurt so much. I love him like one of my own.

    I have so many memories with him as a little boy and I can’t recall them all. The one time Pat and I were going out to the Wolfs Corners Fair being as my son, Tim, was in the event where they all have old cars and they smash into each other until there is one left, the winner. We were sitting up at the top of the bleachers, ( yep, Pat and I were able to crawl all the way up back then, LOL, but Little D soon became bored and wanted to go out on the rides. Ha. So Gram took him out to go on some rides, and he was satisfied. That is just one of the memories, there are so many more. Gram always worried about her little guy and was so patient and loving with him. Bi want to get something later today after my doctor appointment and take to the house. Dr. Is 50 miles away so it will be late, late afternoon. I am so glad you are in Jacksonville, where you have friends and family.

    Please know that I am Praying for you and Atlas, and Andi Rose, as well.

    • Thank you so much, MaryAnn. We are so grateful for you and your prayers and I know Dave is so thankful for the sweet memories he has with his Gram, BD and you.

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