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Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 in Sprinkles | 10 comments

Thursday Thoughts

1.  I know I just got back from a vacation, but I’m sort of ready for another one. I’m thinking an Auberge Resort in Napa Valley. Dave is thinking this flu is affecting my brain and I’m crazy.

2. I think I’ve coughed so hard, my ribs are bruised. Is that even possible? What are your flu remedies? I’m feeling better each day, but this cough is going to seriously cramp my last 2 weeks of training for the Zooma Half Marathon (Can you find the pun in that sentence?). I’ve been taking Tylenol cold, Oscillum (taste just like candy – thanks Jana, for the tip) and Mucinex. I just said “Mucinex” on my food blog. Gross.

3.  A few weeks ago, my awesome coworker bought me some cookie butter from Trader Joes while she was on a business trip. I had intentions to bake with it, but I’ve been putting it into my smoothies…and…you know…using it as a dip…for my spoon. Seriously – they should call it crack butter. I discovered today that you can buy it on Lord help me.

Cookie Butter


4.  I watched the movie Pitch Perfect while I was in North Carolina and OMG – I can’t stop quoting that movie.  Fat Amy is the I love a cappella bands and I thoroughly enjoyed the music in the film. It made me wish I could sing. I’m sure Dave, Ob & Marley wish I could sing too, considering I sing to them.all.the.time.

5. I just finished a wonderful book and I’m currently on the hunt for a new read. Any suggestions? I am thinking about diving into this book or this book.

No time to read

6.  I was seriously considering running a marathon in 2013 since I’ve completed over 15 half marathons. Prior to this flu, I’ve had some terrific long runs…and by ‘long runs’ I mean 8 mile runs, which is less than a third of a marathon distance. I think? Don’t quote me on that. Math isn’t my thing. Honestly, I think getting mentally prepped enough to sign up for 26.2 miles is the hardest part (besides…you know…those actual long runs).   Marathon runners – what makes you sign up for that crazy distance? Is it alcohol? It has to be alcohol induced.

7. On second thought, I think this would make a nice vacation spot…and it is half the price as the Auberge Resort mentioned above. It is practically a steal! Surely Dave will think I’ve come back to my senses and book this trip ASAP. 😉



  1. I definitely agree with you about that location making for one amazing next vacation spot!! Heck, if Dave isn’t on board, I’ll meet you there girl!!
    Jessie recently posted..How Many Challenges are you up for?My Profile

    • haha! Pack your bags, Jessie! Let’s go! 🙂

  2. I totally hear you – ready for another vacation already!!! I have Pitch Perfect in my Netflix Queue and I am looking forward to seeing it!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..2012: in reviewMy Profile

    • I hope you laugh as hard as I did during Pitch Perfect!

    • Thank you so much, Kate! That is a picture of my dog. Her name is Ob and she is a Vizsla. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Ashley! Whenever I go on vacation I feel like I need a vacation for my vacation. It’s fine 🙂
    And I have no clue what it takes to sign up for a marathon. Halfs are as far as I’ll go!
    Paige @ Your Trainer Paige recently posted..Is it Too Late to do a Top 10?My Profile

    • I’m with you Paige – 13.1 miles is far enough for me.:)

    • Thank you, Sara! I love seeing people’s pets make an appearance on their blog! I’ll keep an eye out for Lily! 😉

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