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Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Sprinkles | 14 comments

Thursday Thoughts

  • This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought was, “We are all going to bed at 8:30 tonight.” It’s 9:45 right now and both my children are in their beds awake.
  • Before I started typing this up, I opened my computer and started giggling. Dave asked me what was so funny and I told him I was thinking about all the things I wanted to say in this post and I was cracking myself up. Clearly, this means I’ve become my mother.
  • Speaking of my mom, when I was growing up she used to always say, “Laundry is my life.” When I was younger I thought, “why does she always say that? That is so weird.” When I was in high school I thought, “She just really loves doing everybody’s laundry – it must be her thing.” Now I’m married with 2 kids and 2 dogs and I’m like, “Oh MY GOSH! Laundry is MY LIFE!” Seriously – I can wash 5 loads of laundry a day (A DAY, ya’ll!) and it isn’t done. There is ALWAYS something to be washed.
  • Michael Buble is coming out with a new album called ‘Nobody But Me’ in October (FYI: you can pre-order the album and get 2 of the songs right now). Do you know what this means? This means my family just got out of a whole month of listening to Christmas music! I normally bust out Christmas tunes in October, but I have a feeling Buble’s new album will be on repeat during the month of October in our house. He is my jam!
  • Okay – have any of you noticed that body suits are totally trending right now? I adore the look of a shirt that looks perfectly tucked in so I really want to buy a body suit and I’ve seen so many cute ones (like here and here), but can I tell you what’s holding me back? I don’t have that kind of time in the bathroom. Like, my kids don’t allow me enough time to pull down pants AND pull down a body suit. I have to be able to get in and get out quick and usually I am holding Andi Rose. God forbid I am wearing pants that aren’t elastic and require me to unfasten a button. The body suit would just be too much work, I think. This is my issue with overalls too, although I did recently buy a pair of white overalls. I’m still trying to decide if I look like the girls I saw at NY Fashion Week 2 years ago or if I look like a painter.
  • Personal question for you: How much do you spend on groceries each week? I only ask because we spend a FORTUNE on food. Granted, we pretty much eat all our meals at home, with the exception of 2 or 3 meals out on the weekends. But still – I’m always a little embarrassed when I check out at Publix. I remember when I used to buy groceries and it was just Dave & me and I would FREAK OUT if the bill was more than $100 for the week. But now? Oh gosh – I can spend $100 on a Wednesday when I run in to grab milk. HOW? But this is the thing – nothing goes to waste. We eat it ALL! It is so rare we throw things away. Are we gluttons or are we normal or am I doing the whole grocery shopping thing all wrong?
  • Atlas has been doing this thing lately where he says, “Just 1 more time, and that be it.” As in, I will say, “Atlas, time to come to the table for lunch.” and he will respond with, “Mom, I just hit this golfball 1 more time and then that be it.” Or I will give him a cookie and he will eat it and then say, “Just 1 more cookie, Mom. And then that be it.” Tonight I looked at Dave and said, “I just need to buy one more pair of shoes and 1 more dress and then that be it.” We both laughed…but it didn’t work for me like it does for Atlas. That kid has talent, ya’ll.
  • Andi Rose started giving real kisses this week. Like the French kind and they are the best kisses ever. The only thing that would make it better is if she wasn’t rocking a 102 fever and covered in snot. I can’t resist her kisses but every time I’m like, “Oh man. This is it. This is definitely it. This is how it all ends. I’m getting her infection and it’s going to be what kills me.”
  • If I could have anything in the world right now, I would pick sleep. If someone would watch my babies so I could sleep without the sound of a monitor for 11 hours I would be in Heaven. That’s not going to happen, but I’ll gladly settle for a healthy family and 9 hours of solid sleep. I’m not one of those people who can go without sleep. Dave is though – he requires 5 hours of sleep to function at a high level (I love this and hate this about him). When I get 5 hours of sleep I’m basically a puddle of tears the next day. This week we’ve been on what feels like a newborn schedule with kids being sick and up at night and with me fighting the same virus so I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in over a week and every day I’ve cried about something. When I wake up in the morning and I know I only slept 4 hours collectively the night before, I get real anxiety. I’m sure they make meds for people like me.

Your turn! What are you thinking about this Thursday? Are you one of those people who require 2 hours of sleep? When do you start listening to Christmas music? Do you spend all your money at the grocery store?


  1. Yes, I feel like we spend a fortune on groceries each week. We also eat all of our meals at home except maybe 1-2 on the weekends! It’s only my husband, myself and my 2 year old son, but it is nothing for me to make 2-3 trips a week to get a few things and end up spending $60! I also think that buying healthy foods is so much more expensive, but of course worth it. We are constantly buying fresh fruit, deli meat, etc. and it adds up quick!

    • I agree – the healthy/fresh foods add up quick!

  2. Groceries. Good lord, Gro. Cer. Ies. I feel the same way. Except we throw out too much. This is a HUGE pet peeve, so it’s probably normalish, but we’re IMMIGRANTS! Throwing out food is A Serious Thing. But I digress. Every time my cashier says “one hundred (me->๐Ÿ˜) seventy (๐Ÿ˜ฎ) million (๐Ÿ˜จ),I question my life choices. Publicly. I may cry.

    As for sleep, I SWEAR by my ‘one night a week’ rule. Barring a crisis, Alex is the keeper of the monitor one night a week, his choice, and I get to sleep in. It leaves me refreshed & ready to be a better mom & wife. I don’t wake up terribly late or anything, but to be able to get up at my leisureis heaven.

    • For some reason, I can’t picture you throwing out food because you are one of THEE most organized people I know. I picture you planning everything out perfectly and hardly wasting at all because you have everything down to a science. We almost always sit around $200 a week…and it typically tilts a little bit over that. But this is the thing – we don’t throw out that much! We eat THAT much food. I mean, we do throw a few things out, but not much. And I guess it isn’t just food – it is laundry detergent/cleaning supplies/blah blah blah. It’s just insane. My stomach usually hurts when I pay for our groceries. I mean, if we could just not eat for 1 month, we could go on a really really nice vacation. But now I digress….

      And I totally would have given the monitor to Dave last week for a night to recover but I knew the kids (especially Andi Rose) were sick so I didn’t feel like I could bail since it wasn’t a normal situation. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I used to spend a fortune on groceries. USED TO! Most of my shopping was done at Giant Eagle (aka the Publix of Pittsburgh). My mother-in-law kept telling me that I needed to start shopping at Aldi’s (discount store, owned by the brother of the guy who owns Trader Joes). I resisted for the longest time (turned my nose up at the thought actually) but since I gave in and jumped on the bandwagon, I’ve literally cut my grocery expenses in half! At first I thought that they primarily offered processed and snack foods but the more I shop, the more wrong I realize I was. I still don’t buy meat at Aldi and a few other things that I insist be name brand but I do buy mostly everything else there. They have a brand called fit and active which we really like and also have an organic line that is pretty awesome! I also coupon. Now that I do it, I’m sort of a coupon addict (go big or go home right?!) I even have my husband in the school of thought, “I know there’s a coupon for that”! The downside is that I have to go to at least 2 store when I go grocery shopping but it’s worth the money I’ve saved!

    • Girl, you are the 2nd person to tell me I’ve got to shop at Aldi’s! I’m going to try it this week! I heard their produce is great and they have a lot of great snacks, similar to Trader Joe’s. We loved Trader Joe’s when we lived in Manhattan, but there isn’t a TJ’s that close to us now but there is an Aldi 5 minutes away. My friend told me it is worth the money to go to Aldi’s and then hit up another grocery story for meat, like you do, so I’m totally doing that this week! Thanks for the tip!

      • I’m curious if you had a chance to check out Aldi’s and what you thought of it?! It took me a few trips to buy items other than snacks but now I’m hooked!

        • Hey! I did check out Aldi’s and I couldn’t believe how cheap my bill was! Their produce section wasn’t very big at all, so I wouldn’t be able to get all our produce there just because they don’t have the quantity, but I got some snacks/milk/cheese/juice/etc and we saved a ton! I’ll definitely go back again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Haha, I love posts like these ๐Ÿ™‚ 2 things: It’s just Dan and me (as far as humans go) in our household and I still feel like laundry and spending boatloads of money on groceries are top of my hobby list. And that’s with (kind of) meal planning and comparing prices every time I shop. I blame it on organic apples. And Ben & Jerry’s.
    Kate @ Thirty On Tap recently posted..Why You Should Get Checked For Thyroid Cancer, From A Thyroid Cancer SurvivorMy Profile

    • Ben & Jerry’s gets me every time. And sometimes Haagen Daz gets me too. And the candy aisle. I’m always like, “Oh we can fill up our candy dish in case we have company.” But we never have company and then I eat candy at 8am.

  5. Yup, grocery bills are the worst! We spend 150/week and it’s just me, husband and 2 year old who eats like a bird. And we always throw something away too – it’s terrible. And if I shop when I’m hungry, add on at least 20 more dollars!

    Hope your family gets healthy soon!!

    • $150 a week is good compared to what we spend!! HAHA

  6. I live alone and I can still spent 100 a week. In fact I rarely get out of publix less than that. But I also eat most of my meals at home. And I love my ice cream! Last night we had a hurricane pass by and I prayed it would not be bad because I did not prepare! I was out of ice cream, no chocolate ๐Ÿ˜ณ, no cookies or cakes! ๐Ÿ˜ณ I was really afraid! Thankfully I can make it to the store today. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. And when I wake up at 5:30 for work it is not unusual for me to think I’m going to bed early tonight!! However I can go on little sleep for a few nights but eventually it catches up with me.

    Can’t wait to get one of those kisses from Andi! โค๏ธ

    • You can totally go on little-to-no sleep. I didn’t get that gene!

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