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Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Sprinkles | 2 comments

Thursday Thoughts

I’m typing this up on a Wednesday, only I’ve been thinking all day that it is Thursday. Isn’t that the worst? When you realize you still have a whole extra day between you and the weekend. Ugh. I’ve been doing that so much lately. Since it is only Wednesday and you won’t read this until Thursday, let’s cover some Thursday thoughts! 🙂

  1. I went to the dentist today for the first time since moving to Georgia 5 months ago. I wasn’t nervous at all because I haven’t had a cavity in years, so the dentist is usually pretty painless for me. I go twice a year, they clean my teeth, they tell me to ‘keep up the good work’ and they send me on my way. But today I found out that I have not 1, but 2 (!!) cavities. According to the dentist one is really tiny and the other one is actually not quite a cavity yet, but it will be if he doesn’t ‘spackel it.’ It’s an old filling from when I was a kid (I actually think that’s the last time I got a filling?) and it is just wearing down. I’m a big ole’ stress ball now because my mind is filled with thoughts like, “Why am I getting cavities? What am I doing wrong? Is it my toothpaste? Am I getting lazy? Should I floss more? Do mothers really floss their teeth every day? Is this a sign I’m getting old? Is it because I’m drinking coffee?” Obviously I’m worried about the pain of getting dental work done too…but not really because I’ve birthed 2 kids. But I seriously hope I don’t cry in the chair. The dentist offered to give me laughing gas when I come in to get the 2 fillings and I quickly declined that. I’m embarrassed enough about my apparent lack of oral hygiene – I don’t need drugs to make me talk crazy. I’ve never had laughing gas, but I did have morphine once when I had a kidney stone and I was so high on that medicine I kept trying to touch the doctor’s face in the ER (like, pinch his cheeks…I’m dying inside all over again just typing that out). Our dentist lives in our neighborhood so I don’t need that kind of embarrassment following me around in life…so numbing shots in the mouth it is then! Whoo Hoo!!
  2. I dropped my i-phone last week and shattered it. I can’t complain because that phone had a good run. I swear that thing gets dropped 47 times a day by me and/or my kids (mostly my kids) so the fact that it just broke is actually quite impressive. However, the unfortunate part is that I was the one who broke it. I so badly wanted to blame it on Atlas or Andi Rose, but it was all me. The screen is shattered, but it still works so I’ve just been rolling with it but Dave finally noticed it and was like, “Oh my gosh! Babe, you’ve got to get that fixed.” And being the adorable problem solver he is, he researched the issue, discovered we have Apple care (making it a cheap problem to fix) and scheduled an appointment to get it fixed. But he scheduled it during the kids’ nap time. He did this strategically so I would miss ATL traffic (he seriously thinks of everything), but still…you don’t mess with nap time. Nap time is precious, people! I told him I would just find a way to function in life with a shattered i-phone until I could find a time to visit Apple that didn’t disrupt nap time but he’s pressuring me to go because he doesn’t want the shattered glass to hurt someone. He’s right and I’m so thankful he’s always helping me fix the messes I make, but being in the Apple store with 2 babies in the middle of their nap time sort of sounds like my own personal Hell. I think getting the 2 fillings will actually be more enjoyable. But I’m owning it as the consequence of my own stupidity for trying to carry 16 things at once and dropping my phone. #ownit.
  3. I wish we had a treadmill in our home. In fact, I feel like 89% of my life’s problems would be solved if I owned a treadmill. Dave has some travel on his schedule in the coming weeks and since I’m not willing to put our kids in childcare (for fear that they will get hand foot and mouth disease again) I’m wondering how I’m going to squeeze in my training runs for our half marathon without him here. I can push the running stroller if I have too, but that’s going to be a hard week of runs since pushing both kids is over 50 pounds. I could pay a babysitter, but I keep getting cavities and dropping my phone, soooo…
  4. Speaking of babysitters…I called no less than 12 babysitters this week and of them was booked. Dave & I joined a small group for our church and we needed a sitter so we could attend it this week and I couldn’t find one girl who was available. Finding sitters is serious work. I would give anything to have my mom for a neighbor. If you live next to your parents or a relative who is always willing to love on your babies, don’t take it for granted because that is such an amazing gift!
  5. I’ve been eying these Adidas shoes for.ever and the middle schooler in me wants them bad. I adore the purple shade, but those sold out in about 2 seconds. But I think the gold would be too cute with leggings and jeans in the fall.
  6. I ordered my new planner for the year 2017 (because I’m a planner, duh) and my level of excitement probably should embarrass me, but it doesn’t. I’m using the Emily Ley planner this year and loving it (← got to read that in Oprah’s voice), but I decided to switch to a different planner for next year. It is still by Emily Ley, but it is a different layout and I actually think I’m going to like it even more, because the layout works better with my OCD tendencies. I like to see the whole week at a glance because I like to know what’s coming up on Friday on Monday, because I hate surprises (unless the surprise is those Adidas shoes, then I’m cool with that). I hate flipping the page of my calendar and thinking, “Oh crap! I forgot we had this event going on!”
  7. J Crew is now available at Nordstroms. If that doesn’t get you excited, I really don’t know what will. How flippin’ cute are these pieces? Dying over these wide leg jeans…



If you’re at work & in need of something to do, peruse J Crew’s new collection at Nordi’s. I just picked 5 pieces that stood out to me for the image above, but there are so many other adorable things, like  ruffley tops & bright blazers!

So, in conclusion, Nap time is precious. Planners excite me. My oral hygiene needs some improvement. Treadmills make the world a better place. Nordstroms wins again. I think that about sums up the randomness of this week.

Your turn! Thoughts on going to the dentist – scary or not so bad? What’s one clothing item/accessory you can’t wait to wear this fall? Are you a lucky mother who lives close to your own mama? If so, hug her for me next time you see her. 😉


  1. Just catching up on your blog as I was at the beach last week! I absolutely HATE the dentist. I think I would rather give birth again than go to the dentist! And I am a lucky Mother who lives close to a lot of family! My mom and mother-in-law both watch my son a lot, especially for my Saturday morning long runs! I always think that taking the running stroller won’t be so bad, but it makes me appreciate running without a stroller so much more!!

    • I hope you had so much fun at the beach! 🙂 I’m super jealous of your beach week AND the fact that you live close to both your mom and mother-in-law! What an awesome set-up!
      And that’s exactly how I feel about the running stroller – if anything, it just reminds me how amazing running stroller-free actually is! haha

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