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Posted by on Dec 15, 2016 in Sprinkles | 4 comments

Thursday Thoughts

  1. Okay, how many of you out there have a Fitbit? All of you, right? Or maybe you have an Apple watch (you fancy thing, you). I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the U.S. who isn’t on the fitbit bandwagon, but I’ve been thinking I really want one. I want to know how many steps I take a day and how many calories I burn! But then, I think about my day and I realize I don’t need any motivation to get moving. I don’t actually know how I could add more steps into my day if I really wanted too. I run. I walk dogs. I chase babies. I make 48 trips up and down the stairs with laundry. However, what would be helpful is a watch that tracked my caloric intake and then beeped repeatedly when I had reached my quota for the day, basically telling me to shut my mouth and the fridge. Now, THAT is something I would buy. But then I would probably throw it away when it beeped at me before noon.
  2. We’ve had a little cold bug circulating through our house the last 2ish weeks and I *think* we are finally over it. #praisehands It seriously knocked us all out for a few days where we couldn’t even leave the house and when I went to do the laundry, I realized all our dirty clothes were pajamas. Normally our laundry consist of 60% workout clothes but we literally stayed in pj’s for about 8 days straight so that was all I had to wash. Which leads me to my next thought…
  3. I love working out. You could probably call me an addict. But ya’ll – working out takes serious work! I don’t ever think about it because it is such a habit for me, but after taking a 2 week hiatus from working out, I’m coming back into it this week with a new appreciation for the sacrifice it takes. I mean, when I’m not working out there is less laundry to do and more good hair days and more sleep to be had. I didn’t wash my hair for 5 days and really, it was all good until late in the 4th day. And I barely used dry shampoo. It was glorious. But that feeling I get when I finish a great run is worth all the extra laundry and ratty hair.
  4. Andi Rose head-butted me tonight before I put her to bed. I was 99% sure she broke my nose (she didn’t). I know the Bible says don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath, but I’m going to be honest…I’m still a little mad at her and I’m about to go to bed. And I put her in her crib right after that and walked out of her room for the night, so I think it’s safe to say she went to bed pretty mad at me since I normally drag out her bedtime routine with extra snuggles and giggles (because I’m a sucker). She can be so sweet, but she is so rough. Like, seriously rougher than any boy I’ve ever been around.
  5. Atlas has been refusing naps all week, unless I lay down with him (because again, I’m a sucker). So guess who has been napping everyday? I lay down with him and try to stay awake but then he wants me to close my eyes since he has to close his eyes and then the next thing I know naptime is over and I slept through the entire thing. I can’t decide how I feel about this. Atlas has also been a booger about going to bed at night. He pulls the “I’m hungry” card so I’ve been bringing him an apple to eat in bed and he loves it. And then when he’s done with the apple I’m like, “Now, go to sleep!” and then I walk out and I see his lamp flick on and I ask, “Atlas, what are you doing?” from outside his room, to which he responds, “I’m just sleeping, mom.”
  6. Okay, can we talk about this sequin dress for a quick minute? Gosh! I think this dress is so gorgeous and perfect for the holidays! I keep thinking I’m going to buy it for a New Years Eve Party or something and then I remember we aren’t invited to a New Years Eve party because all of our friends have kids and if we do end up having a party to attend, it will end at 9pm…because we have kids (and because I’m old and tired). But this dress! I think I would even wear it on a date night – but then that would require Dave & I planning a fancy date night, which could be fun! Anyways, I just love it. If you’re going to a fancy NYE party will you buy it and wear it and let me live vicariously through you? Thanks.
  7. P.S. I rarely stay awake until midnight on NYE, but I’ll probably make it up until midnight tonight thanks to the Hallmark Christmas movie that just started (it’s called A Christmas Dream & it’s all kinds of adorable)…

Your turn! Chime in below in the comments! Do you make it until midnight on NYE? Any fitbit fans out there? Tell me why you love it!


  1. I have a Fitbit but haven’t worn it since early pregnancy with A. I was discouraged by the lack of steps further in my pregnancy haha so I stopped. And truthfully just haven’t gotten it back up!

    Hallmark Christmas movies get me every.single.time.

  2. My sister had an extra fitbit and I was so excited to use it and I put it away after 2 weeks. Hitting steps on workout days was easy but rest days my steps lacked so I would find myself making up the steps on the treadmill at 9:00 at night just so I could get the glorious vibration telling me that I got my 10k steps for the day. Obsessive much? Ha!

  3. I have the Fitbit Surge and I really love it! I love that it has both the HR monitor and GPS features!
    I can totally relate to the struggle to work out right now!! December is SO busy and you’re right, it’s less laundry and less hair washing!!!! I’m ready to get back into the routine in January but right now I just want to eat all of the holiday treats and I can’t find myself motivated to work out! Too much fun to be had this time of year!!

  4. I got my Fitbit Flex 2 years ago for some motivation to get back on the exercise bandwagon after being home with a baby for a year and trying to get my life back in some sort of routine! I was really in to getting all my steps in at first, which was good since it was winter time and I didn’t get out and about every day with a 1 year old. Some days I would do laps speed walking around our downstairs to get my last 100 steps in. And the less motivated days, it just rubbed it in to me that I was lazy and better get it in check tomorrow. Which was sometimes annoying!! If I’m being bad, I don’t need the extra memos about it!! After having 2 kiddos and the day to day momlife, I would reach my steps no problem without even working out so I am sure you would be off the charts. Unfortunately, I lost my Fitbit a month ago and I’m missing it… just to know what my “damage” or my “go go go” was for the day! And because I loved my Tory Fitbit bracelets as part of my accessories!! My TB sporty one didn’t stay clasped very well after many wears so I blame that for why I lost it 🙁

    Laughing about your laundry! Not the colds part! Hope y’all are all better now! My laundry is always full of pjs and faux workout clothes!! And like 1 “real” outfit! And that real outfit is always spotted for some sort of snot, spill, spit up, etc!! 😂

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