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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Sprinkles | 0 comments

Thursday Thoughts

  1. I’m sort of obsessed with the Thought Catalog. Please tell me you’ve checked this out. I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced all 20 of these things just within the last month. I have the physical scar to prove #11 and a hilarious story that coincides with #15. 
  2. Ob has been sleeping horizontal in bed all week, causing me to sleep in the fetal position. If I didn’t want to eat her face off because she’s so cute, I would be looking into doghouses for realz. 
  3. I’m running a half marathon in 9 days and I’m not motivated to run more than 8 miles. Math isn’t really my thing, but I think I’m coming up short on the mileage I need. 
  4. Is it really almost October? Who is this monster that is eating time? Christmas will be here before we know it, which is why I’ve been rocking out to Straight No Chaser’s Christmas album for the last 3 weeks. 
  5. Speaking of Christmas, you should buy me these. Size 8. Please and thank you. I’ll pay you in cookies. 
  6. You know what you should do this weekend? You should do this workout and then come over and eat s’mores bark with me…
Happy Thursday, Friends! Less than 24 hours until the weekend. Holla!

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