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Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Baby Atlas, Healthy Dishes | 0 comments

Toddler Lunch Ideas

Last week I shared our go-to breakfast foods for Atlas and this week I’m coming at ya with some of our go-to lunch items.

Before I share what Atlas eats though, I want to reiterate that I am not a nutritionist and I’m not saying this is what your toddler should eat. This is just what works for us during this season of life. Also, I’m not super creative on the lunch front and because Atlas typically eats a big breakfast, I don’t make his lunch all that huge.

But this is how we do lunch in the Andrews’ house.

  • Dinner leftovers: Most days, Atlas & I eat the previous night’s dinner leftovers because it is easy. And usually pretty healthy. And cheap. And I can microwave it with one hand while holding Andi.
  • The Snack Plate: When leftovers can’t be found, this is my go-to for Atlas and it is always a hit because Atlas loves the variety.

Toddler Snack Plate

I realize the above photo is pretty horrendous, but that’s our real life. I just chop everything up and throw it on his tray most days. That’s how we roll. The above lunch is turkey/fresh cut cheese/avocado/grapes. I think he actually had a side of apple sauce with this meal too that’s not pictured.

Other snack plate options include:

  • Cottage cheese/apple slices/carrots/raisins/peanuts
  • Hard boiled egg/banana/string cheese/sweet potato fries
  • Toast with peanut butter/apple sauce/broccoli/yogurt

And obviously, I mix and match all those items based off what we have on hand and what Atlas wants that day. We love the Alexia frozen sweet potato fries. We love the Chobani flip yogurt cups. Atlas hates raw carrots (& let’s be honest, you do too), so I always boil them or sauté them. Cheese is his favorite food on the planet.

  • Grilled Cheese: Atlas would eat this every day if I let him. He only gets it about once every 2 weeks though.
  • Applegate Chicken Nuggets + Broccoli: I try to avoid frozen foods, but these frozen chicken nuggets are good and Atlas always seems to enjoy them. I bake them and make a veggie to go with them – usually broccoli or peas because that’s what my boy likes.

Toddler Lunch

That’s really about it. Sometimes a smoothie gets thrown in the lunch mix. Sometimes I cave and buy him corn dogs. Sometimes we get this mac and cheese. Sometimes I pre-bake sweet potatoes & load one of those up for him. But the meals listed above make the most appearances during our week.

I hope that helps! Oh, and if you have a little boy who loves trucks, I recommend this plate!  Toddler Lunch

On days when Atlas is protesting about eating, I offer to let him eat on his construction plate with his construction utensils and he thinks it is awesome! He will eat foods he doesn’t normally love if he can eat them off a spoon that looks like a digger. Go figure.

Toddler Lunch

Anyways, it makes mealtime way more fun for him so I thought I would share!

If you want more toddler meal ideas, definitely check out Brittany’s blog and Weelicious. They do meals up right! 🙂

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