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Posted by on Aug 16, 2016 in Fashion, Girly Things, Motherhood | 6 comments

Topshop Romper

This romper had me at off-the-shoulder and bell sleeves.

Off The Shoulder

I actually linked this romper in a previous post & I finally caved and ordered it…because there is no regret in life like the things we didn’t buy, right?

I almost didn’t order it because I have a few black rompers, but I am loving the off-the-shoulder trend and since it looks like it is here to stay through fall, I thought this would be a great piece to wear into next season.

Fall Romper

It has this pretty crotchet detailing around the top, which gives it a boho-chic vibe that I adore and the overall 60’s inspired look is just so fun.

And on a side note, can we briefly chat about how excited the middle schooler in me is that chokers are totally back in style?! I love a good choker necklace, & I’ve already snagged a few now that they are back on trend. Isn’t it so funny how things go in and out of style? Like, why did chokers ever go out of style in the first place? I used to have the cutest choker necklace in high school and I finally got rid of it years ago and now I’m kicking myself because I wish I could wear it again.


Anyways, I think the lesson here is that we should probably never get rid of anything in our closet because eventually it will come back into style. 😉

Oh, and I mentioned this bag in a previous post too. It is my favorite diaper bag when I know we are going to be out running around because it doubles as a back-pack, which allows me to operate with 2 free hands.

Henri Bendels Diaper Bag

Topshop Romper (also LOVE this one)/Choker Necklace by BaubleBar/Henri Bendels BackPack/Shoes (I got these last year for less than $40 and I think they are a great neutral shoe)

I hope you all are having a great week. I came down with some kind of cold virus, so I haven’t seen the outdoors today. But, I napped when the kids napped and I NEVER do that, so I’m already feeling a little bit better and I’m crossing my fingers I’m back to 100% tomorrow because my house is a disaster! When I go down, it is like the world stops spinning and a bomb goes off in the house – just chaos and messes everywhere I look, but I’m too sick to do anything about it at the moment. Can any of my mom friends out there relate?

I do have to share this one adorable story from today though…I was laying on the couch watching a movie with the kids – well, actually, I was trying to get the kids to watch a movie – neither of them were having it. Andi Rose was jumping around on the couch and she walked to the other end of the couch and she was about to fall off backwards so I jumped up and dove for her and luckily I caught her right before she hit the coffee table, but in my heroic efforts, I slammed my knee into the coffee table. It was SO loud and I immediately teared up because it hurt so bad (you guys should seriously see the bruise I already have). Atlas was so concerned by the whole ordeal he came over and kept looking at my eyes saying, “Mommy, are you okay? Do you need a bandaid? It’s okay, Mommy. I will take care of you. I will kiss it if you want.” It was SO precious and it almost made smashing the heck out of my knee worth it to see his tender little heart so moved. Then he walked over to Andi Rose and said, “You need to go to timeout. You hurt Mommy.” hahaha He is a hoot, ya’ll! And Andi Rose is wild lately- she just wants to climb all the things and I feel like I’m constantly saving her life.


    • Thank you, Emma! And I’m kind of fan-girling over you right now. I’m obsessed with the Miss USA pageants so I’m geeking out that I’m actually ‘talking’ to Miss Hawaii! haha

      Your blog is adorable!!

  1. Love your posts!! Hope you feel better soon😃
    PS-Is there an age limit on wearing a romper?
    My daughter says that I’m too old 😂😂

    • Thank you, Wendy! 🙂 And I actually think some of the pant suit rompers are very sophisticated! I think this one or this one would work great for someone who wanted to be fashion forward, but not feel too far out of their comfort zone! The back of the second one I linked is a cut out, so it may not be appropriate for office wear, but I think it would be great for a date night out! 😉 There’s always a way to get in on a trend and make it age appropriate, if you really like it! Dave always says when I wear animal print stuff it reminds him of something an old lady would wear! LOL But I like it, so I rock it anyways!

    • Thanks, Edye! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend too!

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