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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Running | 7 comments

TRX +Tips for a Better Run

I was MIA last night because I was on a hot date.

Date Night

Dave & I decided to spice things up a bit and head to Marker 32, one of our favorite local restaurants. After coming home from work yesterday, running 3.5 miles and walking 1 mile with the dogs we quickly showered and headed to dinner. We indulged in mango mojitos, oysters, corn stuffed beignets and seared tuna while we talked about all the fun stuff we have on our calendar for the month of January. It was such a nice treat to get dressed up and go out in the middle of the week since we typically eat at home in our jammies or work out clothes. I’m actually in my jammies now though, and I must say…this isn’t too bad either. I’m a home body at heart.

I spent most of today looking forward to my afternoon workout, thanks to the new TRX band Dave got me. He installed it yesterday so I was anxious to use it since TRX is one of my favorite workouts. Ob was a bit skeptical of the suspension training, but I assure you it is a winner.



After doing a mini killer ab workout, I headed out to tackle a 5 mile run with Ob.

5 mile run


I’m feeling better each day, so today’s run was a good one! Hallelujah!

With the Zooma race being only 9 days away (EEK!), I’ve had running on the brain lately. My dear friend and coworker, Janny, is running the Zooma 5K and it is her first race ever, so we’ve been chatting a lot about running during the workday. I’m so stinkin’ proud of her for the effort she’s put into running Zooma and I’m excited to be a part of her first race experience! Since we’ve been talking running so much, I thought I would post some of my running tips here on the ole’ blog.

  • Get the right gear: If you live in the Jacksonville area, I suggest going to 1st Place Sports or the Jacksonville Running Company and getting fitted for shoes. If you already own a pair of running shoes, bring them so the shoe experts can analyze where most of your wear and tear occurs. This will help them get you into the perfect shoe. I have been loyal to Mizunos since I  ran cross country in high school, but my sister is an avid runner and she swears by Asics and Dave prefers the Saucony brand.  Everyone is different, so find the shoe that works for you!
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Be sure you’re drinking enough water and cutting down on your intake of sodas and alcohol. I try to drink water continuously throughout the day, rather than chugging water an hour before my run. If I drink a lot right before my run, I cramp up. However, if I drink a lot of water throughout the day, I find that I run significantly better.
  • Fuel your body: This goes hand in hand with hydrating. Be sure you’re loading up on good proteins (lean meat, almonds, etc), healthy fats (avocados), grains (quinoa), carbs and veggies. I find that I enjoy my runs on Friday way more than my runs on Monday. On Monday, I’m running on tacos, fries, pizza, wine, ice-cream and rum that I consumed over the weekend. On Friday, I’m running on veggies, fish and lots of water. What you put in your mouth makes a difference!
  • Zone out: Don’t focus so much on how fast you’re running and the fact that you’re actually running. Crank up some good music and get lost in the lyrics, the beat or your thoughts. I find some of my best thinking occurs during my runs. If I’m not getting lost in the lyrics of a song (I love running to country), I’m thinking about goals and dreams or weekend plans.
  • Switch it up: If you’re training for a longer race, try to find new routes to run – especially for your long runs. This may mean getting in your car and driving a little ways, but I promise it can be well worth it. I love looking at new things while I run, so I always enjoy a change of scenery. Switching up your routes is a great way to fight boredom!
  • Grab a buddy: If you’re new to running, find a training buddy or group for added motivation. I personally prefer to run alone or with Ob most days because I love the time to think. However, when I first started running I had 3 awesome girls I ran with that helped keep me accountable. Having someone to share those milestones with while you’re training for your first race will add some excitement into your runs. Even though we no longer run together, I still keep in contact with the running partners I had nearly 10 years ago. Waking up at 5am to run 5 days a week is a huge bonding experience.


  • Loosen up: My cross country coach used to always tell me to relax when I ran. I thought that was crazy because if I wanted to relax, I would chill on the couch. However, he was right and this is something I still tell myself to this day. Relax! Don’t grind your teeth. Don’t suck in your stomach. Don’t bring your shoulders up to your ears. Loosen up your arms. Loosen up the muscles in your face and breathe. If you feel your shoulders getting tight, make a conscious effort to drop your arms and shake it out. This is especially difficult for me after I run anything over 10 miles.
  • Listen to your Body:  You know your limits. Don’t overexert yourself and always incorporate rest days! I was sick last week, and while I wanted nothing more than to go run, I knew that would make my illness even worse. If you feel a pain that you know isn’t normal, respect your body enough to stop, rest and perhaps even consult your doctor. I’ve seen far too many friends power through pain and wind up seriously injured because they didn’t listen to the warning their body gave them.

*Please keep in mind, I am not a competitive runner and I’ve never ran a full marathon. I just enjoy running and these are the things that help me run better! You should probably consult someone with a Medical Degree (I have a Marketing Degree) if you’re considering running for the first time. In my dreams, I am Kenyan though.*


    • Thanks, Paige! I love that Dave is so fitness oriented. 🙂 It helps keep me motivated!

      Are you going to the Blend retreat? I think I may go! Would love to actually ‘meet’ you there!
      Ashley recently posted..Chef Dave My Profile

  1. What an adorable pup you have! I’m really interested in hearing more about the TRX 🙂 Your mojitos and oyster midweek dinner treat sounds delicious!

    • Thanks, Leslee! I should be posting a lot more info about my TRX workouts in the coming days. It is one of my favorite forms of exercise!
      Ashley recently posted..Chef Dave My Profile

  2. Oh you guys are so cute! And what a super fun date night. 🙂 I totally agree with your tips, especially finding a running buddy and getting good shoes at a running store!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..BODY PUMPMy Profile

    • Thanks, Katie! You’re lucky to have a hubby who runs! Having a running partner at home is the best!
      Ashley recently posted..Chef Dave My Profile


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