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Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Sprinkles | 3 comments

When You… (A Picture Post)

I’m switching up today’s post and instead of sharing my typical “Thursday Thoughts” posts, I’m sharing a different kind of random post…because, you know, life is unpredictable like that. I’m sharing some random photos that I pulled from my phone that never made it on the blog or to Instagram. These aren’t quality photos by any means, but I love them.


When you’re giving a toast to the dog, you know it’s been a DAY… #AmIRight


When you’ve got 25 things on your to-do list and you’ve got zero motivation in life and 5 magazines that you’ve yet to flip through… #Priorities


When you say a prayer that she never asks for a motorcycle one day… #PleaseGod


When you realize he may not be the classiest player on the PGA tour… #NoShirtNoProblem


When you realize how unbelievably blessed you are… #OhCrapItsBlurry


When your love for Chik-fil-a runs deep… #ChickenBiscuitsGiveMeLife


When you’re watching your 3 year old ride a bike for the first time and you’re hit with the reality that the only thing moving faster than him on that bike is time…#SlowDown


When you are about to checkout at Publix and you see this sub advertised, you ditch your grocery cart and dinner plans and head to the deli… #GameTimeDecision


When you party too hard with your grandparents… #YouShouldHaveSeenTheMeltdownThatPrecededThis


When you finish your long run and realize that was just your warm-up for the day… #MomLife


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your work week is flying by! Only 1 more day until the weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by Cupcakes n Crunches today! 🙂


  1. I loved looking at the pictures and the cute captions! You are blessed with a beautiful family! And they are blessed to have you!

  2. What kind of carseat do you use for Andi Rose? I have a daughter a month younger than her and we are having a horrible time in the car lately. I honestly believe she gets car sick and that’s why she gets so upset! They just changed the law in Pennsylvania that kids must be in a rear-facing seat until they are 2!! I understand the reason for the law but I know that if I could turn Alice around she would be so much happier! Not that I want to break the law by turning her around but I’m on my last nerve and considering turning her anyways!! Anyway getting to the point, the seat we have now is a Graco 65 converter seat. It will be great once I can turn her however, rear facing it’s so bulky that no one can sit in the front seat of the car without their knees smashed against the dashboard. Sorry for the long-winded ramble but I noticed that Andi Rose’s seat look much slimmer on the sides by her head. Wondering if it make work for us! Happen to know if it is able to also be rear facing?

    • Hey Nicole! Andi’s carseat is by Eddie Bauer and we’ve used it for both Atlas & Andi Rose (Atlas recently moved up to a bigger carseat and we passed the Eddie Bauer carseat down to Andi Rose). I really like it and both my kids seem to like it as well. Atlas HATED his baby carseat (it was by Graco) that was rear facing and he would LOSE HIS MIND every.single.time we put him in the car. Luckily, we lived in Manhattan at the time so he could literally go months and not sit in the car, but still – on those times we had to drive somewhere it was miserable. As soon as we bought him the Eddie Bauer seat and flipped him forward facing, he was a happy camper and he’s pretty much been good to go since. We switched him to forward facing when he turned 1, just because we didn’t know any better. Our pediatrician actually just told us that kids are supposed to stay rear facing until 2 years old. That isn’t the law in GA though – just a strong suggestion. But Andi Rose is long so I felt like her legs were getting cramped in the car and we made the decision to move her to forward facing. The Eddie Bauer carseat can be forward facing or rear facing though.

      Also, I’m SURE you have this already, but Atlas did kind of like this mirror when we bought it and Andi Rose liked having the mirror so she could see in the front of the car. Just if you wanted to keep her rear facing and maybe try another form of distraction…but I said the same thing about Atlas and the car sickness. I get horrible car sickness so I always felt horrible for him facing backwards.

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