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Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Family Fun | 0 comments

Winning Combos

As much as I enjoy sleeping, I don’t completely hate the sound of our 6am alarm. I think this is because I love starting my mornings with Dave and I’ve missed it all summer long. There are only 2 ways I like to start the day. I either want to wake up and run (which I’m not able to do right now) or wake up and go on a leisurely walk with Dave and the dogs. I also don’t mind waking up to waffles topped with powdered sugar and peanut butter from time to time, but that’s irrelevant (unless you own a waffle maker, live in the NYC area and are feeling generous).

This morning we headed outside to Riverside Park for our morning walk with the dogs.


I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped outside and got hit with a gust of cold air. It was 59° in NYC this morning and I was loving it! This preggo chick is ready for some fall weather and pumpkin flavored food!

I think the crisp weather made all of us more playful and energetic this morning.



*Yes, that would be a photo of my husband pretending to lift his leg and pee on a pole…which Marley had to promptly pee on right after. And then Ob had to follow suit. I ♥ my family.*

After our walk, I inhaled a bowl of Lucky Charms (not healthy, but the baby requested it specifically) with a side of Chobani’s Key Lime Crumble yogurt while firing up my work computer for the day.


The key lime yogurt has graham cracker crumbs and white chocolate chips to mix in and it stole the breakfast show. So delicious! I’m probably the only healthy living blogger out there who doesn’t love yogurt (I know. Blasphemy. I prefer ice cream. Even at 8am.), but I bought this yogurt on a whim earlier in the week and it is the jam!

Some fall-feeling weather + a summer-tasting breakfast made for a surprisingly winning combo this morning.

And now, I’m getting excited for the big night we have planned. Taco pizza for dinner + the return of Duck Dynasty. I suspect this will be another winning combo and the perfect ending to this day!

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