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At Home Workouts

Sometimes, the toughest part of any workout is actually making it to the gym. As a busy mom of 2, I find that short at-home workouts are where it’s at most days and that’s okay because I’ve learned that I can have killer workouts right in my own living room or backyard using minimal equipment and body weight exercises. Check  out this page if you’re looking for a workout you can easily do at home, in your backyard or in a hotel room while traveling.


  • Trifecta of Greatness  – A workout designed to build muscle, burn calories and enhance your endurance
  • Light n Easy Tabata Workout – A workout that will make you sweat, but still perfect for those days when you want to keep things light
  • The 500 Workout – Complete 500 reps of various exercises with this workout targeted to burn your butt and abs – feeling extra motivated? Complete it twice for a total of 1,000 reps!
  • Falling Back into Fitness – These 5 minute circuits are sure to get your heart rate up and all you need is a set of light free weights to feel the burn at home
  • Mama’s 15 Minute Arm Workout – This workout designed to work your arms is perfect for those days when you don’t have a lot of extra time – don’t underestimate those froggers 😉