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Circuit workouts are some of my favorite sweat sessions. They keep me mentally engaged during the entire workout and they help the time fly by. If you want a fast paced workout that fights boredom, then check out this section of the blog!


  • Double Duty Circuit – 2 different circuits done back-to-back that are sure to get your heart rate up and your hamstrings burning.
  • Hodgepodge Circuit (with a focus on abs) – Try this workout if you’re having trouble focusing.
  • Frog Hops and Duck Walks – This circuit primarily focuses on legs and cardio and will leave you walking like a duck for 2 days.
  • Quick & ‘Easy’ Ab & Arm Workout – This workout can be done in about 20 minutes and targets your arms and abs…the term easy is really all relative.
  • Burnin’ Ab Holiday Circuit – This workout targets 1 muscle group at a time, followed by an ab circuit…your core should be burning by the end.
  • Countdown Workout – This workout gets your heart rate up immediately. You can do it once for a 15 minute workout or twice for a 30 minute challenge.
  • Total Body Superset Workout – This workout fights boredom and is sure to keep your heart rate up the entire time, due to the lack of rest periods in between exercises.
  • Triple Threat Circuit – For a total body workout, complete 1 circuit 2-3 times before moving on and completing the next short circuit.
  • Medicine Ball Circuit – If you have a weighted medicine ball, consider doing this total body workout to burn some calories and break a sweat!
  • New Years Circuit – Complete 20 reps of 13 exercises to celebrate the New Year!
  • I ♥ Legs Circuit – This quick circuit will have your thighs and booty screamin’ by the end!
  • Boredom Fighting Workout – This workout combines time on the treadmill with an intense circuit, which is great for those days when you’re feeling bored and restless.